About the Author

Seval Seer

The author was born and brought up in South Asia but has lived in the US, Europe, and Australia since his early adult life. He went through a period of existential crisis in his late twenties, seeking answers to age-old questions that few people ask, and even fewer find answers to. These questions include, “Who am I?” “What drives my life most fundamentally and ultimately?” “What holds us back?” and “What is the way forward?”

Through intense study, practice, and application of progressive methods of meditation evolving over 25+ years, the author developed a framework for life, a mental seal that he wishes to share with his readers. This framework draws on ancient sources and is augmented by modern psychology


Most frequent questions and answers

It is more than 25 years of exploration, life experience and evolution. I developed a life blue print for for age old questions of “who am I”, “what is the purpose of life?” “what hold us back?” and “what propels us forward?”.

An urge to share what helped me in my life with those who are genuinely interested in increasing happiness in their lives and that of others

A spiritual seal (an outlook of life and way of living )to increase quality and scale of happiness in one’s life and that of others

Yes. The book is not just an academic research . An existential crisis that was triggered in my later twenties started my spiritual journey of discovery, experience and evolution. This book is a result of 25+ years journey